Do you need re-upholstering or recovering? 

More details on this later in the page.

But first…

After contacting us by phone, email or text to discuss your upholstery requirements, you will be asked if you could submit some pictures and information by email or text.

If technology is not your thing, a home visit will be arranged to assess your furniture for a free estimate.

Based on pictures being sent to Harrhy Upholstery, we would contact you with an estimate for labour and a price range of fabrics with an estimated fabric allowance.

The next stage would be a home visit to accurately cost the job by assessing the furniture condition, the frame, springs and stuffings, etc. If requested we would bring fabric books at this stage, which would be left with you to peruse at your leisure. We are happy to use fabric supplied by yourself and would give guidance on the suitability for the selected job.

If you then decide for us to undertake the work, you will be given a date for collection and a guide date for delivery based on the fabric availability of C.O.M or fabric supplied by Harrhy Upholstery.

On domestic upholstery, there is no money taken at this point, as in a deposit or part payment.

Harrhy Upholstery is a small business, so no VAT to pay.

Payment method are cheque, bank transfer or cash, and is payable on delivery.

Re-Upholstery or Recovering Only

Recovering involves taking off the old covers and replacing with a new upholstered top cover.

Re-upholstery is the extreme other end of the scale where the furniture is stripped back to the bare frame and everything is replaced, springs, linings, stuffings etc.

Of course, there are lots of stages in between and many jobs require recovering only and maybe having the cushions re-stuffed.

Traditional upholstery involves more costs due to the methods and the materials used but if done professionally will outlast modern upholstery by many years.

Traditional upholstery can be recovered just as in modern upholstery, but may need repairs to some areas, normally the stitched front seat edge or arm tops. The costs would be estimated first, until the top cover is taken off. Pictures would be sent to you to see the condition of the upholstery and then a final cost can be given.